If you are interested in having a BOS in your area, the TruWealth training support videos will help you train those you seek to register as Investors.

For even more support with your BOS, reach out to your business lead with the following details:

  • Date of Event
  • Time of Event
  • Event Platform (In-person or Online)
  • Templates for materials you may require (e.g. videos, charts, brochures, flier templates, invitations etc.) 

If you’ve not been assigned a business lead and require support with your BOS, visit to contact an Investor Service Representative.

We recommend you have a minimum of 100 attendees to your BOS. We also recommend that you promote sales of your products at the event by displaying them strategically along with a point-of-sale machine. It would also be helpful to you to make the tools required for registration easily accessible.