1. What is an Investor and how does an Investor get started?

An Investor is someone who has submitted a completed TruWealth registration form and has purchased the compulsory Starter Pack. Once these actions have been completed, an Investor can start selling products.

  1. What’s my unique Investor’s ID number and why do I need it?

Your unique investor ID Number is your identification number which is linked to your account, and it holds all your identifying information, as far as the TruWealthCompensation Plan is concerned. You need your ID Number to log into the TruWealth Portal where your Investor account information is displayed. 

  1. Your Investor Referral id is a number to be shared with persons you refer and sign up to the program. At registration page, they will be required to enter the referral id. Upon entering the referral id, the name of your referee will pop up for a confirmation (Please include a referral id in the registration page as well as a mapping to the referee name). You will then earn points from purchase made by your referees. (We have to test to ensure this works as expected)

Share your Referral ID with friends and family. Let them know the opportunities for entrepreneurship and wealth creation that TruWealth provides.

  1. In how many ways can I increase my wealth through the TruWealth Investor’s Network?

You can increase your wealth in 4 ways. The TruWealth 4-WAY compensation model is as follows:

      1. Income from Distributorship 
      2. Income from Investment Level savings
      3. Income from Referral Bonuses 
      4. Income from Commissions
  1. How does the portal work and manage my portfolio?

To access the portal, log in with your Investor’s ID number.  Upon logging in, you are led to a page where you’ll see a summary of all your activities with regards to purchases, recruited Investors, bonuses and commissions, and any information relevant to your status as an Investor

  1. How many members can one recruit as investors?

The world is your oyster. You can recruit as many investors as you want. All you need is to give them your unique Referral ID so that you may earn your reward points and reward commission

  1. What products are included in the program?

Books: Adult, Teen and Kids books in paper, e-format and audio format. DVDs and Audio: Kids video and audio books

  1.       Does one have to pay taxes for the income earned?

Upon registering and purchasing of the starter pack and products, you are charged applicable tax or VAT on checkout. As a TruWealth Investor, you are responsible for filing taxes on your income as per the governing laws in effect in your particular nation.

  1. How do I get my commissions and bonuses

As an investor, you accrue referral points on each individual you recruit into the TruWealth Investor’s Network. These points can be converted into cash or products, based on the conditions. Once you have met the criteria stated, you become eligible to receive your commissions and other compensations. The compensations acquired will be credited to your e-wallet.

  1. What do I focus on selling or recruiting Investors?

The primary focus of TruWealth is to help you multiply your income through the distribution of products. To do this effectively, it is necessary for you to have as many distribution channels as possible. Every new Investor you recruit acts as your distribution channel. The key lies in maintaining a balance

  1. Who are active and inactive members?

Investors who are consistently selling and/or ordering products, as well as Investors who are regularly recruiting new Investors are active members. Those not selling and/or ordering products consistently, as well as Investors who are not regularly recruiting new Investors are inactive members.

  1. What is my role as an Investor?

As an investor, you purchase products, resell, and expand your distribution channels by introducing the TruWealth Investors’ Network to others.

  1. Do I get money or just discounts on products from my Earnings

Bundle Package Earnings and Investment level earnings are given as discounts at check out. Referral bonus and Referral commissions are paid as earnings into bank account provided on file (Pastor, please confirm this).

  1. How can I save on shipping cost

Pick-up of products can be available at the any of our office locations. At check out, select Loveworld Publishing Office as the pick-up location from the drop down menu.