What is Success?

I’ve got one of the brightest smiles you’ll ever come across. In fact, I’ve got an unbelievably shiny white set of teeth, which I don’t hesitate to flash at anyone. I am “cover girl” standard and that’s a fact. I stand in front of my mirror and strike poses for my imaginary Forbes magazine cover, or practice my firm smile for when I become Mrs president- the formidable, firm and very successful me, the peak of fulfillment and success in my head. Nothing can stop me…or so I think.

Then, I sit myself down in my mind to ask so many questions. That formidable Mrs President in my head, is she really truly successful or a product of who people think I should be? That lady with an impeccable pose on Forbes magazine, is she truly fulfilled? Then, I remember, one of the opportunities I once had to address a large audience of youths concerning having access to contraceptives. I simply told them that access to contraceptives wasn’t the issue, abstinence from pre-marital sex was really the crux of the matter. Then, I wasn’t the formidable motivational speaker the organizers had invited, I was now a preacher. “If you had said that in church, it would have worked, but this is an educative gathering for youths, tell them they need to know contraceptives…” That never happened. I learnt one thing that day, If I was not exuding the will of God for my life, I was a huge failure.

Success isn’t in sleeping on the pile of money in the strong room of a bank, it isn’t in that shiny new car or that feature on Forbes magazine that calls you the richest or most powerful human being that ever lived. It’s not even in that self-assurance that your soul should rest and be merry because you have filled your barns with plenty (ask the rich fool, he’s got some hot gist for you.) True success is not in all of those. True success is in God; being the exact person He willed for you to be, doing what he’s said you should with what you have and all you are – that, my friend is the life! It doesn’t matter what the world thinks, you might never get that Forbes magazine feature- trust me, you’d rather be the cover person on a book of life cover and what ultimate award to win than that which comes with the “well done good and faithful, enter into the joy of thy Lord “. Oh what immeasurable glory, what height of success, what true success.

It’s not rocket science, it’s simple God-science. Get on board!


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