Why Do I Have To Pray?

I once read an interesting story about Charles Grandison Finney. It was said that he had been attending a church meeting for some time and wouldn’t give his heart to Christ. He wouldn’t so much as say a word of prayer during the times of prayer.

While he was in one of those meetings, somebody asked him, “Why don’t you pray, Charles?” “I’m not going to pray because I’ve been attending this meeting for so long and from what I can see, it doesn’t seem like you folks get any answers,” he retorted.

Later on when he was born again and filled with the Holy Ghost, he found out why those folks didn’t get any answers to their prayers – they were praying the wrong way!

Finney made this observation almost a century ago, but it’s sad that many in the Church are still in the same dilemma today. Many Holy Ghost-filled, tongue-talking, Bible-quoting believers live frustrated lives simply because they’re not receiving answers to their prayers. Some will honestly confide in you that they don’t really know what to pray for and how.

There are myriads of questions on this all important subject of prayer that arise in the mind of many, and it would seem that there are as many questions on the subject as there are people.

To many of such people, prayer is just a part of their religion. They believe they have to pray because God requires them to, but they don’t even know why they pray. They pray, neither knowing what to say nor whether to expect answers; but God’s plan is to answer our prayers.

Culled from ‘Praying The Right Way’ by Pastor Chris.


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